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thank you salt lake. greta is up next. see you back tomorrow night from new york. thanks for being with us. [ applause ] >> greta: tonight is beginning to feel like the thriller in manila. huge fights erupting michigan, wisconsin, nevada, pennsylvania, georgia, that's only a few. how bad is it? we start in nevada. governor gibbons joins us live, good evening governor. >> greta, good evening, nice to be on your show. >> greta: nice to have you, sir. you want the state of nevada to be part of this lawsuit filed in florida, challenging the constitutionality of the mandate in the health care bill. is that so? >> yes, that is correct. any time you have an infraction of the constitutional rights, especially those of us in nevada, i've taken an oath to protect the people of nevada and i will do so. >> greta: aren't you boss?
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the attorney general of your state says no dice, not going to file. are you the boss of your state or not under the law? >> under the law, i am. i asked the attorney general to participate in bringing a lawsuit again the federal government. she has said she doesn't think the state should be in there. i'm disappointed that she doesn't want to, as i do, protect the rights and the constitutional privileges of people of nevada. >> greta: under nevada law who makes the call the governor or the attorney general? >> well, it is unclear right now who makes that decision. i know that the law states that the attorney general shall bring a case when asked by the governor. she has written back she thinks it would be a weak case and does not decide -- has not decided she wants to participate. as a result, i am forced to look for alternative ways that will not cost the state legal fees in bringing about a suit
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to quell the an bridgement of the rights under the constitution. >> greta: let's assume your right it unconstitutional and she does not file but the courts -- winds up to the supreme court, declared unconstitutional. would you get the benefit of the ruling in the state of nevada and it wouldn't cost you a dime in time or in labor. what's wrong with that? >> greta, that's an argument that our attorney general has may. however, it is not the choice to stand by and hope that a lawsuit by some other state going to the citizens of nevada. my obligation under the oath i took, i am required to the people of the state of nevada. i see this piece of legislation as abridgement to the rights of they van i'm
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obligated to protect those rights whether an incremental encroachment or vast step back. i have to bring that lawsuit. i'm obligated to do it. i will do. >> greta: is there some mechanism? i know in the tobacco litigation for instance private lawyers brought on to be acting attorney generals to represent the state to pursuit tobacco companies in the name of the state sort of private attorney generals. any provision, ability or legislative authority for to you bypass your attorney general and do that? >> well, there is no legislative provision that discusses it one way or the other. the legislature is silent on that matter. therefore, we are looking at whether or not we can hire legal counsel on a pro bono or freebase is, not costing the taxpayer one penny, to do this action. that's where we're looking now we'll have that decision done
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by the end of the week. we should be able to proceed knowing one way or the other whether we are going to have free legal counsel on this matter or not. >> greta: have any lawyers volunteered? >> we've been bombarded greta, by a number of law firms and individuals, lawyers, wanting to participate. wanting to carry the water, so to speak, "this litigation. most saying they will do it for nothing. i think the notoriety of being the legal council to the state of nevada is a benefit to them. a lot of these companies and firms are constitutional law firms. they themselves feel there is a strong likelihood that the state will prevail on this matter. if they are willing to do it and willing to take it on for nothing, so be it. >> greta: do you have a chilly relationship with her? she a democrat, you are a republican? what is the dynamics between the two of you?
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>> i have the utmost respect for the attorney general in the state of nevada. she may be a democrat, i'm a republican. we see this case vastly differently. i think there is a strong challenge to the rights and constitutional freedoms of the people of nevada, she does not. we disagree. i'm prepared to move forward despite that disagreement. >> greta: governor, thank you very much. by the way we'll be out visiting your state very soon. we'll look forward to that as well. thank you governor. >> thank you greta. >> greta: across the country from nevada to pennsylvania where there is another fight brewing tonight. guess who is in hot water with pennsylvania governor ed rendell? of course it is pennsylvania attorney general tom corbet. the governor is mad his attorney general bucked him and joined other attorneys general in suing the federal government. now governor rendell wants the attorney general to drop the suit.
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will attorney general corbet drop the suit or go full speed ahead? right now the attorney general joins us live. good evening. your governor wants to you jump out of this lawsuit. are you going to? >> well greta, thank you for having us on. today we sent a letter back to the governor respectfully declining his request. he unstand -- he understands in pennsylvania as elected attorney general i'm an independent officer. i have a duty under the commonwealth attorney's act under the constitution of the united states and pennsylvania to protect the rights of pennsylvanians. as compared to maybe other states in pennsylvania, i'm independent, at this point in time and have the right to bring in suit on behalf of the people of pennsylvania. >> greta: no matter how many times the governor of that state calls or writes it is totally up to you. is there any chance that you will bend a little and think maybe i'll let the other ones
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go ahead with it, the other states, because i will get the benefit even fit rules in your favor? >> greta, no. the governor and i do get along. obviously, we disagree on this point. as you can see cross this country, there are a lot of people that disagree on this point that's the beauty of our constitution. although we have a disagreement we have a core system. the court system is going to make the determination as to whether this legislation passed by congress is constitutional or not. we respect each other in that regard and i respect the governor for what he does. i know represents they my decisions. >> greta: maybe this is a little cheap, but why not just let the other states attorneys general go forward? if this is declared unconstitutional this mandate provision in the health care provision, even if you don't spend a dime or a minute, you could sit back and reap all the benefits of it.
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>> well greta, if you recall back in december we sent a letter to the leadership in the senate and the house in washington telling them we were prepared to file suit on the courthouse compromise -- con the cornhusker compromise that did not come about. we shifted because of the require that individuals have to purchase insurance. i think i would be not living up to my oath to defend the people of pennsylvania and just rely upon everybody else to defend it. i want to have a voice in this. we have consultations with the staff and with the attorney general mccollum on a regular basis. so we are involved in this litigation. >> greta: probably not going to take a tremendous amount of work out your office somebody is going to write a brief representing the states, someone is going to oppose it, the federal government and then it will be decided.
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so it is not like it is hugely expensive. that's my analysis. not going to be like lots of witnesses. >> that's right i don't think there will be very many witnesses on this at all >> greta: i don't think there will be any. >> that's right. liberty on the pleadings. but we will work closely -- as you know attorneys general wok together on many lawsuits. you mentioned earlier the tobacco lawsuit, hiring outside lawyers but it is not uncommon for multi-state investigations to be conducted where lawyers work together. we will be working with the florida allege's office on this one. >> greta: am i right that what you object to in this legislation is the mandate? ordering people to have to buy health insurance that's what you find unconstitutional? >> i definitely find that unconstitutional. i don't think congress can cause a person to make a purchase. as you know, what's in play here, in the commerce clause
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-- >> greta: unless the commerce clause it is going to boil down to how the clause is interpreted, broadly, you lose. narrowly, you win. >> that's right. that's the battle that needs to go to the courts. needs to go to the supreme court. can congress require somebody to commit an act? as in many cases they look at the marketability of a product or something like that. but in a case like this, there's a free choice issue. the people do not want to make a purchase. as a result, if they don't, there is a fine. there is a personal that i is going to be imposed for not exercising the opportunity to purchase. i think that's a bridge too far. i think that we all know that we need health care reform. we are not against that we are not talking about that what we are talking about is the constitution of the united states. it boils down to do the ends
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justify the means? in this case abridging the constitution to me is not a justifiable means. >> greta: thank you. we have invited the governor, maybe he will come next week to tell us the other side. thank you, sir. >> thank you for having us. >> greta: coming up, we move south to the state of georgia. tonight there's a huge political brawl over health care. it now involves the "i "word, impeachment. it has to be vicious. >> plus, who could forget those red pants? not on the ground but ed around the ing former congressman tom delay that was nothing. one and only buzz aldrin is here. back in two. host: could switching to geico really save you
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and he's the best-lookin' cat there is. [ announcer ] it's amazing what one can do. >> greta: like it or not the democrats passed health care reform.
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apparently a lot of you do not like how it was passed. according to a new gallup poll 53% say the methods used to pass health care were an abuse of power. 40% say the methods were appropriate. rick santorum joins us live. i think that's 53% say it was abusive. >> yeah. the interesting thing was obviously 80% of republicans thought a big plurality of independences which is a big problem for -- independents which is a big problem for democrats. you've got a big majority again the democrats on this. 20% of democrats have a concern about the process that was being used. >> greta: is that the sort of -- we saw the taunt hall meetings, i'm not sure -- it seemed like people didn't pay a lot of attention last summer in fact it was sort of insulting they didn't have the great awakening until the vote in massachusetts.
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and it is like where were you? >> they didn't seem to pay any attention to it. it was after the vote in massachusetts that they used reconciliation. they threatened to use the slaughter rule. it was whatever means necessary to get this bill done, after all the cornhusker kickbacks. i was in nebraska this week and wow, the anger is still toward ben nelson there is palpable. i listened to his monthly call-in it was brutal. as i traveled around and talked to people, democrat, republican at the coffee shop they are embarrassed, angry about it. it sits perfectly well with what this poll says many people done like the way business is being handled. particularly from a president who said he was going to be completely different this was not -- this is worse. >> greta: when we were in
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massachusetts leading up to the lex of senator brown. from the airport to the hotel that big van the bus driver was almost -- he said he never voted republican his entire life he was so enraged he was going to vote store scott brown. we were just on a bus riding from the airport to the i was surprised in massachusetts. >> that's the trying thing. you will hear the democrats say we have an opportunity to sell this plan for the next six month. we are going to tell people all the guide things that are going to happen. that still doesn't get past what is a very bad taste in people's mouths about how this was done. a lot of , particularly independents, you have a big independent streak in you. a lot of independents just want the rules to be played fairly on both sighs. they are not necessarily ideological but they want the game being played fairly and they saw it not being played fairly and they are going to have trouble being convinced
10:17 pm
this is a good idea. >> greta: this is your business not my business on a football field the rules going into the game, you know how many downs, how far you have to get the ball. in the courtroom you got the rules set. the thing that struck me about this whole process is that you can change the rules as the game is played. the republicans do it too. the rest of us are watching well those are the rules? it seems peculiar. >> general lie -- generally speaking the rules are adopted the beginning of each session can only be changed by 2/3 of the senate and 2/3 of the house they have separate rules. to state rules change as you go along, in the senate that is not the case in house maybe more so bottom line is, what they did was not change the rules. they bent the rules and cheated in some respects in getting this thing passed. it was a desperate time and barack obama pushed them to do whatever it took to get this
10:18 pm
done and they did whatever it took. >> greta: which means in terms of the midterms that -- they've got to go out and sell the health care bill, the president does as to why this is a great bill and the impediment the barrier a lot of these things don't go into effect for a number of years. so you have to have hope that's a hard sell. >> you see what has happened already. major corporationsization we are going to get charged -- >> greta: where were they? >> they weren't asleep at wheel. one of the things that i talked about on this show many times is the intimidation going on by the administration. people who were just saying you be quiet or we will get you. i said this many times. you are either going to be at the table or on the menu. a lot of corporations, a lot of folks who got hit with the taxes, the medical device folks, pharmaceutical folks,
10:19 pm
hospitals sat back and said we'll take our little hit, complain after the fact. we are not going to get in and be blamed for blowing in up because the administration will turn on us that is what is happening now. after the fact they are going to say okay we passed this, we didn't get in your way. here's what it is going to cost us. even that, you got henry waxman calling these people in front of them and demanding confidential documents. he's a come czar not a committee chairman. he's acting like someone interest a socialist dictatorship trying to intimidate anybody who crosses him. >> greta: senator thank you, never dull. next, some people are using the "i" word in georgia, impeachment. since the last time steve moore was here he found 250 million reasons to bring him back. take a deep breath, you are not going to like this.
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>> greta: are you ready for this? have you heard what 31 republicans in the georgia state legislature want to do? impeach their state attorney general. why? georgia's attorney general has not sued the federal government. representative sean jergenson is leading the impeachment charge. he co-sponsored the resolution. he joins us live, good evening. >> good evening thank you for having me >> greta: thank you for joining us. why won't your attorney general -- i suppose you have asked him or at least had some communication -- why doesn't your attorney general want to join this lawsuit in florida? >> very good question. we have asked him that on several occasions. governor purdue our state's
10:23 pm
governor has asked him to join the lawsuit suing the federal government over health care legislation. he has given multiple reasons as to why he doesn't want to proceed, several include that he doesn't think there's a constitutional issue with the lawsuit and he cited the expense of the lawsuit as a reason not to go forward. >> greta: okay. your governor is a republican is that right? >> yes, ma'am, correct. >> greta: and your attorney general is a democrat? >> that is correct. >> greta: running for governor? >> that is correct, yes. >> greta: now, tell me about your resolution for impeachment and whether or not your gop leadership in any way supports you on this resolution? >> resolution is simple. it has nothing to do with political parties. it has everything to do with our state's constitution and our state code. article 5 of the georgia constitution requires that the attorney general represent the
10:24 pm
citizens of georgia when requested to do so by our governor. it is very cut, clear and has refused to do so in addition to that, the state code and statute also requires the attorney general to represent the people of georgia. again he has given his reasons for not doing so. we in the legislature feel that he is not living up to his oath. he is not following the constitution and the laws of the state. thus, we're calling for an impeachment proceeding to begin. >> greta: is the governor onboard? did the governor urge to you seek the impeachmentment? >> this has been an issue initiated by the legislature. we've had discussions with the governor staff, it is something that has been done on our own volition in the legislature. >> greta: how big is your state legislature and how many votes do you need? >> we have 118 members in the
10:25 pm
state house and 56 members in the state senate. as far as whether or not this resolution will go forward and the support, time will tell. we have three weeks left in our legislative session and i'm going to assure the people of georgia we are going to proceed with this, with all that we have. because again our -- >> greta: let me ask a quick question of 180, how many do you need and how many do you have? >> the vote count is not in yet so i can't answer that question. we would need 120 votes in the house to move forward with this. i think the vote would be close. i can't give awe exact number. >> greta: representative, thank you of course we'll follow this. thank you sir. >> thank you for having me. >> greta: don't miss your chance to be heard. go to answer this question: do you want your state to be
10:26 pm
part of the federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the health care bill? yes or no? go to right now and vote. what good is a health care overhaul if no one has a job? is there a price for health care that nobody is talking about, next? buzz aldrin has a new gig he's used to blasting into the stars. now he's dancing with them. we'll let buzz explain. [ male announcer ] every business day, bank of america lends nearly $3 billion dollars to individuals, institutions, schools, organizations and businesses in every corner of the economy. ♪ america. growing stronger. every day. ♪ but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements...
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10:29 pm
health insurance in 2007, now it is 652 at number is rising. i went to a hospital in oregon this week and in chicago to see people with asthmatic conditions and trying to breathe with oxygen masks -- >> greta: i don't think anyone disagrees we need health care reform. i think the dispute is two-fold. some people didn't like the process. some didn't think it was the right program and it met the needs and reflected the practical aspect of funding and jobs. i don't think anyone disagrees that we needed health care reform. i agree with you that we don't want people to suffer. >> first premise it is morally right. the second one is, when people lose their health care they lose their jobs often they lose their jobs they cannot afford their house they lose their home in foreclosure. the child cannot stay in school. student loan defaults. it is a factor in the job. sick people are less able to
10:30 pm
keep their jobs. now that we have the health care frame established, for more americans to have access to health care the next step is photocus on job development. therefore, i think folks on the mass transit losing dream jobs in every city. we see fares going up and services going down. the bill where above $200,000 does not subsidize transportation, employment of operations are just on the operations, my point is greta, if we focus mass transit, big step in the right direction. >> greta: let me focus on one city. there are so many pockets in this country that are suffering, if you don't have a job you are suffering. detroit for instance a year ago had an unemployment rate of 13.5.
10:31 pm
it is now 15.6. it is going in the wrong direction. influenced by the automotive industry. what would you do to help detroit? that city is devastated. >> unfortunately, we have bailed out the banks we are -- we had this huge loss in the automotive infrastructure. the three manufacturers now -- it has gone down. it involves direct investment in detroit. it involves, if we are going to revive our mass transit, americans are going to make trains and buses as we can. they are made here not in india. if we are going to make the steel in birmingham and gary and pittsburgh not import that steel that way you begin to put america back to work. need federal investment as a
10:32 pm
stimulus. >> greta: we a minute left. how has the president done in terms of the economy, in your opinion? >> he's beginning to turn it around. we went from the largest surplus to the largest deficit in the last eight years. we are starting to hemorrhage at the top. >> greta: how is he doing? >> beyond helping the sick, the idea of reducing the student loan from private to the federal government. now student lending we can reduce the rate. we are moving toward keeping students in school and getting jobs and providing health care to me those are steps that will make america better and stronger. some of those protesting again the president to allow this, -- health care. get yet ref jackson nice to see. >> yes, -- >> greta: reverend jackson,
10:33 pm
nice to see you. >> you too. >> greta: more companies are lining up saying they are taking hate boeing 150 million dollars, goodrich 10 million dollars. prudential. steve moore joins us live. i don't feel bad at all for the corporate executives. i worry about people losing their jobs, require tirements wrapped up in the success of the businesses. >> that's right. but i hate to say i told you so. monday i predicted there would be other companies that came forward with the same problem. you are right you have additional companies, five or six have said this is going to come out of our bottom line. latest estimate is this is going to cost businesses about 14 billion dollars in these write-officials. >> greta: whenever i hear businesses, i don't care. what i care about is more people are going to lose jobs, more people can't buy health care for themselves, then i
10:34 pm
care. >> that was the point i was going to make. businesses have 14 billion dollars less profits they can hire fewer workers we are going to add to the ranks of the 15 million unemployed. it is not just bad news for the companies, it is bad news for the employees of those companies. this is a problem. what has happened since we reported on this on monday the white house is striking back saying, i think the quote was these are just republican ceos trying to embarrass the president. when in fact, some of these ceos are republicans, but if they did not declare these increased expenses -- these are based on federal accounting rules they have to recalculate their books when a new regulation or new tax comes into place. if they didn't do this they could be hunted down and fined. >> greta: interesting how the white house did come out and say this is -- their reaction to it was not sort of like
10:35 pm
let's see where we can fix it or see what the problem is. it was to immediately say this is political. a bunch of rich republican ceos who are complaining. >> right. to attack the attackers. look, i looked at who these ceos were a lot are republicans. >> greta: there's one that is a democrat -- they are all republicans except one was a democrat out of this list. not like a lot, it is all of them. >> the point is, they are required by federal law in accounting standards to do what they've done to come forward with these higher could the -- higher costs. the whole point of this exercise of obama care was to reduce the cost of health care, to help businesses so they wouldn't be strangled by high costs. now they are saying costs are rising not falling. >> greta: congressman waxman summoned them. everyone is talking about how this was intimidation. if i were the big businesses
10:36 pm
or lawyers i would take full advantage of being summoned. i would have it all lined up and loaded against the members of congress. if they think they are going to win i would be prepared. >> i hope that happens. i hope they come full throttle and say you are putting these additional costs. i've testified before congress whenever you are in that situation you are in a lesser position the congressmen are looking down at you, it is hard to be on a equal footing with them. i think congressman waxman is going to use this as an opportunity to bully whip these ceos and try to get them to tow -- tow-the-line. >> greta: in terms of unemployment what is the trend? >> we have new numbers to come out friday. we might get a good number. we might get 100 to 150,000 new jobs that is not great based on what we've had it is creation we need that >> greta: it is going to be --
10:37 pm
[ talking over each other ] >> never has it lagged like this before. >> greta: at least it is a trend in the right direction. not encouraging to someone who doesn't have a job. those of us who do jobs can take happiness the trend is in the right direction. >> let's keep our fingers crossed. we have to have -- here's one statistic we have to have 250,000 jobs a month for the next three years to get the unemployment rate down to 8%. >> greta: and i have to go to break or get fired, another statistic. >> next a mother, wife, fox colleague and boy is she tough. she has covered wars and now in one. breast cancer. how is she doing? she will tell you jennifer griffin our colleague is next. and in our factories. to find cleaner, more efficient ways to power flight.
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>> greta: there's much more ahead. but first to our new york newsroom with ainsley earhardt. >> reporter: meteorologists saying there do be several more days of flooding in new england: rhode island hardest hit by three days the flooding described as the worth in o'-- as the worst in 200 years. stretch of i-95 closed. every rhode island resident being asked to conserve water and electricity. chechen militant claiming responsibility for moscow's subway tack in an online message hours after a second round of suicide bombers hit.
10:41 pm
12 people killed. monday subway attacks in moscow by female suicide bombers killed 39 people. the message saying it was revenge for russian security forces killing civilians. i'm ainsley earhardt we return to on the record with greta. thanks for watching. >> greta: you have seen our colleague jennifer griffin covering wars in the mideast for fox news. so you know she is tough as nails. the truth is, jennifer is tougher than you can imagine. as you probably heard she is battling breast cancer. tonight you hear from jennifer. i guess we start first with this is pretty rotten. we got to build up from there. >> you know what greta, it is not the worst thing that has ever happened to me it has been a tough year and i wouldn't wish this on any family but i'm here to tell you, you can get through it. life isn't fair. i think one of the things i learned working at the pentagon and working with the military and meeting all sorts
10:42 pm
of wounded warriors who came back and there were a lot of unfair things that happened to them. >> greta: when did you first get your diagnosis? >> september 28th. eight years to the day that ariel sharon took that walk on the temple the day that they say the in-- intifada was lost. i thought isn't this fitting the anniversary of that particular day the beginning of the intifada i started this incredible journey and fight against this terrible cancer. >> greta: what is interesting about this -- this breast cancer is call triple negative women when they get that diagnosis it strikes young women. >> it is rare too it? >> somewhat rare. 10 to 15% of the breast cancers are triple negative not estrogen, progesterone
10:43 pm
positive and not her -- hr-2. we don't have what the other breast cancers have those are the targeted treatments. triple negative doesn't have that drug it is very aggressive and it can come back and it seems to strike young women. i found it when i was nursing. more and more women when i talked to were either pregnant or nursing when they found it. we need research done now on triple negative and a targeted therapy. >> greta: how did you tell the two girls obviously you had an infant at the time. how did you decide how to do that? >> we told them very quickly within the first week. i was very nervous. it was right here in this livingroom. after a soccer game. i thought how am i going to do this? they came in and we sat them down here. kids take their cue from you.
10:44 pm
greg is a very calm person and very optimistic person. i just started talking very quickly. i said we've got this situation and the only thing that shocked them, they are 7 and 8-year-old girls what shocked them the most, not the word cancer they wanted to make sure they weren't going to get it. we cleared that up quickly. when i told them that i was going to be bald, that's when the 7-year-old's mouth just dropped and stood there. immediately i went into mommy mode and i said, but just like hanna montana we are going to go shopping and find the best wigs and you can choose the wigs and we can get a different color for everyday of the week and suddenly they were talking about wigs and on to other things. >> welcome to the wig shop this is where -- this is where we are going to find mommy a wig like hanna montana what
10:45 pm
color should we get guys? >> the red head. >> is it scary the idea of mommy losing her hair? >> . >> no. >> through this process, we've been totally open with them. there's no big c in our household we tell them everything. you give me a camera we we started. amelia our 7-year-old has videotaped me through almost everything. when i to get my head shaved on day 17 your hair falls out when you are doing chemotherapy. i knew this so i wanted to preempt it and i wanted to shave it off. i took control of the situation. and the best thing i ever did was to take amelia with me. she videotaped it, i shed a
10:46 pm
few tears she hugged me. i think it was much less scary for her to see me through that camera as we were going through this process together. >> greta: you haven't looked sick to me. >> well, i attribute it to exercise and nutrition. i keep telling my doctors i've never been healthier. get me out of this world of cancer. the moment i got diagnosed there's enough research done to suggest that with triple negative breast cancer and breast cancer in general you can change your diet -- i exercised almost everyday through chemotherapy. he i choose pilates even when i didn't feel well, pilates is based on strengthening your core. i thought i need to strengthen all these muscles in here, every muscle has to be strengthened so i can go in strong to the mastectomy so i was almost in training. thinking everyday i need to
10:47 pm
excercise. >> greta: no processed food for you, alcohol? >> no alcohol. alcohol and breast cancer do not mix. >> greta: who is a good eater? >> hello mister. >> greta: he's one year and two weeks? >> he is one year and two weeks. saying what is all this fun. come here, that is edgar. where is your dog. lucky. luke is his dog. not momma, not dadda, dog. >> greta: dub mastectomy tuesday, -- double mastectomy, tuesday, are you ready? >> after three children i'm going to trade up. >> greta: there you go. what is the recuperation? >> i've talked to a lot of women who have gone through it. it is a rough surgery no getting around it. the first two weeks, you are
10:48 pm
pretty much, i think in bed. then, you wanna get back on your feet as quickly as possible but you have to relearn how move your arms you can't lift over your head, i can't lift anything heavier than a newspaper or coffee cup at least possibly two puns. i can't lift luke for three months. >> greta: how do you explain that to him? >> that is going to be my biggest challenge. >> greta: we know you love jennifer as much as we do. listen closely. there is so much more that we didn't have time to show you. we are posting the entire interview tomorrow on gretawire. if you have been diagnosed with cancer or know someone going through chemotherapy you should check this out. and how jennifer is working with the susan g komen foundation. go to tomorrow to see the entire interview, i guarantee you will be
10:49 pm
inspired. tonight, a special treatment astronaut buzz aldrin joins us. he has a new gig. mean walking? almost. anything to do with stars? sort of. stay right here. my mother knew i needed calcium, and now i know without enough,
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
>> greta: astronaut buzz
10:52 pm
aldrin one of the few people on planet earth who faces this question what can anyone do to top walking on the mean? check this out. at the age of 80 aldrin is a contestant on dancing with the stars. moments ago he went on the record. buzz who would have guessed, you're a dancer everyone knows you are an astronaut but you are a big dancer. how long have you been dancing? >> well, when i was a teenager, i was a little bashful. my father was away during world war ii so my mother thought i ought to find out who author murray was. i learned -- who arthur murray was. i learned a little. west point hops not the most popular on my agenda. being a fighter pilot, beer call took precedence over cutting up rugs. we didn't have all this jump and jive back then. it was frank sinatra and things like that you herd, fly
10:53 pm
me to the mean. >> greta: now are you are doing "dancing with the stars" doing the cha-cha. how did you get involved in this? >> little less than a year ago i came out with a new autobiography, "magnificent does so " -- desolation," those are the words i used on the mean. to help people understand that snoop dogg and kwele endorsed by quincy jones and all sorts of things like supporting jim cameron and avatar, seeing the titanic and getting in the long beach grand prix, pro a.m. race things like this exhibit to to people i'm out in the world and an active
10:54 pm
person. as we approached the 40th anniversary, i felt that more and more, my public awareness by people would help bring remembrance of the triumph fans of our space program 40 years ago. my biggest concern is what are we going to be doing in the near future that is going to be equally as exciting to inspire young people for our workforce and also for our education. >> greta: of course, i'm sure everyone asked whether you could do the mean walk, so i'm not going to ask that question i know you can do the step on the mean walk. i know you have been doing iphone apps there's more to being an astronaut. what is the app? >> it's pretty good as a matter of fact. it's buzz aldrin portal to
10:55 pm
science and space exploration. it is right now on the iphone app store which is really hard to come by, but it is number one for education. and it is doing very well. of course you can look it up and find anything you want to know about space. if you can't, tell me and i'll find out and put it on there. you might see a few exclusive little shots of ashley and i preparing for the cha-cha. incidentally, i did do kind of a mean walk on that cha-cha. then we just wooed the world, but not the judges with fly me to the mean. and a good bit of lunar background information. >> greta: i'm going to download i promise the app to my iphone, i'm a gadget nut.
10:56 pm
i will do that of course i will be rooting for you on "dancing with the stars." always nice to see you buzz. >> thank you, i'm looking forward to maybe being with the president april 15th, at the space summit in florida. >> greta: i hope you are there. maybe the three of us can get together. see if you can't get the three of us in one room together to talk. >> that would be wonderful together. at least two of the three of us one way or the other. >> greta: did you hear? president obama is trying a new way to sell the health care bill to the american people. this one seems odd. [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow to finish what you started today.
10:57 pm
for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm. a ttle more time on the things for pain and sleeplessness. worth spending more time on? then you belong at bass pro shops. stop by for a free picture with the easter bunny and check out the kids free crafts and easter egg hunt this weekend. details at
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let's take a look at the stats. mini has more than double the fir and whole grain... making him a great contender in this bout... against mid-morning nger. honey nut cheerios is coming in a little short. you've got more whole grain in your little finger! let's get ready for breakfaaaaaaaaaast! ( ding, cheering, ringing )
10:59 pm
keeping you full and focused with more than double the fiber and whole grain... in every tasty bite -- frrrrrrosted mini-wheeeeats! didn't know i had it in me. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash those studio lights. it's time. last call. president obama trying to sell health care laws to the american people. we hadn't heard this description. >> on the today show president ob yaum said adjustments will need to be made to the new health care law. it's getting so many adjustments he's calling it the heidi montag of correctional bills. >> we'll see if the name sticks. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thanks for joining us tweechblt see you again next time. make sure to follow us on slash gretawire right now. make sure to look at the package tomorrow of jennifer griffin. we'll see you tomorrow night. actu

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